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Hello, I’m

Kerrie L

Actor / Writer / Creative Doer

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Personal Manifesto 

I’m about making things with a process that’s open and honest. With kindness, compassion and empathy.

It’s important for me to champion using our voices for activism. The LGBTQIA+ community have me as a cheerleader.

As does nature, the climate crisis and human rights. 

When making work I want to be present and not stressed. Being in the moment yet mindful of everybody's needs that I am working with, without sacrificing any of my own. 

Trying to always be as conscious as possible in my decisions in both work and life because life imitates art and I want my work to have awareness. 

It must also have fears, tears, joy and laughter… lots of laughter! 

From slight chuckles to belly laughs, all are welcome and encouraged. 

Most importantly as a solo artist, it hasn't been a solo journey getting here. We have help along the way, lots of it. 

Therefore, I’m also about paying it forward. 

If I can help, I will.

Though I shan't be taken the piss out of.

Cheers, thanks a lot. 

Kerrie xx


Kerrie is a Performer, Writer and Creative Doer from Hull who’s experiences span across the entertainment industry in the form of stage, screen and radio. 

Both in the spotlight and behind the scenes shadows. 

A dreamer, but got skills to pay the bills. 


Her freelance career accelerated after playing the role of Jean in Lucy Beaumonts BBC Radio 4’s hit sitcom

‘To Hull and Back’ 

She’s not shy of an Edinburgh Fringe Festival or two with co-founded company ‘Scarlet Lights’ and is where the start of her writing career began. 

Kerrie has also had small and supporting artist roles on the telly box and the big screen that includes working with companies such as the BBC, Sky Atlantic and Film 4. 

She has also presented local television and radio. 


As a writer, Kerrie has taken part in writers groups, residencies and had commissions with companies across the north including;

Hull Truck Theatre, Middle Child Theatre Company, Humber Street Gallery, Leeds Playhouse and Rural Arts. 

Kerrie also enjoys the making process and directing her own words is a total vibe she looks forward to doing much more of in the near future. 

Currently: Playwriting Officer at Hull Truck Theatre. Working in association with the Royal Shakespeare Company on the the national playwriting scheme, 37 Plays.   

National Theatre in schools project 'Speak Up' with Theatre Royal Wakefield. 

In development: Duck Pond

Commissioned: Hull Truck Play Project

Passion Project - Writing a young adult fiction book.



Kerrie L Marsh - Showreel - 2021
Kerrie Marsh


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